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Scorpio: The Scorpion

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

October 23rd – November 21st Element: Water Ruler: Pluto Greatest Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer

Scorpio’s strengths are being brave and resourceful. Their weaknesses are being jealous and secretive.

Scorpios are passionate, brave and assertive people. Because of this, they approach life with fierce tenacity. They value honesty and will keep your secrets. They are known for their calm behavior and their mysterious aura. They hate dishonesty.

Scorpios are the most sensual sign of the Zodiac. Because of their passionate nature, intimacy is very important to them. They begin relationships carefully so trust can be established.

Strengths: resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend

Weaknesses: distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent

December 2022 Horoscope :

Ganesha says this month may bring you some ups and downs. Saturn and Jupiter are influencing you, which is likely to cause some confusion and problems in your life. As a result of stress, you may experience irritation. This month, there would be an increase in travel expenses. During this time, some family disputes may occur. The month suggests that you try to be more cautious in your actions. You may need to be careful with your words. You should be able to keep your cool until the middle of the month. You may experience some highs and lows at this time, but you should try to keep your cool. Because of this planetary alignment, you will need to boost your self-esteem at work. Furthermore, it is critical to take extra care of your eyes and avoid allowing your job to negatively impact your health. Finally, your patience will allow you to obtain what you have long sought.

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