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Leo: The Lion

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

July 23rd – August 22nd Element: Fire Ruler: Sun

Greatest Compatibility: Aquarius, Gemini

Leo’s strengths include being creative and warm-hearted. Their weaknesses include being arrogant and self-centered.

You will hear the lion roar. This is because Leos are natural-born leaders. They are self-confident and creative, they will be able to succeed in whatever field they chose to commit to in their lives. They often have many friends because they are generous, loyal and warm-hearted. On the other hand, Leos are on a quest for self-awareness and growth and this may come off to others as egotistical. Leos in love are generous and passionate with their partner. Leos need a partner that is self-aware and on the same intellectual level as them. They will take on a role of leader in any relationship.

Strengths: creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous

Weaknesses: arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible

December 2022 Horoscope :

Ganesha says this may not be an inspiring month for those looking for love. They may become bored, but they would be wise to stick with their partner. Furthermore, they want to make them happy with their love and care. Children in the family should stay out of mischief. They must exercise extreme caution this month. You might have to take that trip you've been putting off for a while. This journey, however, would most likely be extremely profitable. You most likely go on vacation with your family. This month, doctors and medical practitioners are likely to be energized and motivated. Their efforts would be greatly appreciated. Teachers are in for a long week, and they may be exhausted by the end of it. This week's challenges will be met quickly by athletes. They will triumph despite all of their efforts. You'd have a great time on this tour. This week, natives involved in the company or industry may make significant progress. They would do well in their current endeavors.

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