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Capricorn: Sea Goat

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

December 21st- January 19th

Element: Earth

Ruler: Saturn

Greatest Comparability: Taurus, Cancer

Capricorn’s strengths include being responsible, disciplined and having self-control. Their weaknesses include being a know-it-all and being unforgiving. People born under this sign, have a sense of inner independence that helps them push forward to achieve their personal and professional goals. They are experts at making plans and following through with them. They are the masters of self-control.

It is not easy for someone to break down the walls of a Capricorn but once they do they will have a lifetime of commitment the relationship with their Capricorn. Talking about emotions will not come easy with this sign, but once they open up, Capricorns and their partners can have a relationship of everlasting growth.

Strengths: responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers

Weaknesses: know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst

October 2023 Horoscope :

Ganesha says October 2023 will prove to give mixed results for the people of Capricorn. While there will be some obstacles in career, business, and workplace, there will be peace of mind by finding solutions to them with the help of friends and colleagues. Do not take stress about the problems related to life, rather solving them one by one will bring out the solution. Don't let the opportunity that comes at the beginning of October pass you by. Walking by managing time will bring success in tasks. In the second week of the month, there may be differences in the family regarding something. Control your speech during the conversation. During this, most of the time women will be spent in religious activities. There can be possibilities for long or short distance travel. The mind will be happy after getting the support of the love partner. Do not ignore the feelings of the spouse. Keep in mind that any decision taken in haste can also create problems. Sometimes, due to excessive thinking, some achievements can also go out of hand.

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