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Product: Zircon (Blue)

Planet: Saturn

Size: 4 to 8 Carats

Zircon (Jarkan stone in Hindi) is a natural, semi-precious gemstone of the Nesosilicates mineral family that is found in different colour varieties such as white (colourless) blue, yellow, red, orange, green etc. The colourless variety is often recommended as the astrological substitute of the diamond. Zircon gemstone is regarded as December month birthstone and can also be worn for healing and jewellery purposes.

Zircon is the Astrology Gemstone of Venus and is used as an Upratna to Diamond. Zircon greatly benefits those with Taurus and Libra Moon Signs. Zircon was used to imitate a diamond, but the stone is indeed naturally occurring. It should not be confused with the synthetic cubic zirconium, which is in no way related to zircon. Top Quality Unheated and Radiation free Zircon is the most preferred Upratna / superior alternative gemstone for Venus and is used in Planetary Gemology to harness the best that planet Venus has to offer.

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