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Product: Yellow Topaz

Planet: Jupiter

Size: 6 to 15 Carats


Yellow Topaz is a yellow colored, semi-precious gemstone of topaz mineral family. In vedic astrology, it exists as the substitute of yellow sapphire and is worn to improve career, financial position, health and marital relationship.

The Imperial golden yellow topaz is one of the fabulous gemstones known to man. Golden imperial Yellow Topaz is the substitute gem for natural Yellow Sapphire / Pokhraj gemstone and is used to harness the saatvik energies of Jupiter. As a gemstone, topaz is the birthstone of November and imperial topaz is used to celebrate the 23rd year of marriage. Topaz was used in ancient Egypt and Rome, where it was imported from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). During the Middle Ages topaz was thought to strengthen the mind and prevent mental disorders as well as sudden death.

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