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Product: Moon Stone

Planet: Moon

Size: 8 to 15 Carats


Moonstone (Chandrakant) is an excellent stone which brings calmness and emotional balance. It symbolises serenity & higher consciousness. The distinctive blue tint makes it desirable for jewellery making.

The Uparatna (Semi Precious Gemstone) for Natural Pearl is the Blue Moonstone also called as the Blue Sheen Moonstone. Moonstone is also called a Chandrakant or Chandrakant Mani in Sanskrit. It is an excellent Gemstone for emotional balance. It is excellent for those individuals who suffer from over-anxiety, depression & lack of confidence. Moonstones can occur colorless, white, blue white and pale shades of peach and apricot. The rarest and most expensive will be colorless with a floating blue color that seems to hover above the stone.

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