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Hate Bagan Showroom: 132, Arabinda Sarani, Hatibagan Juction, Kolkata 700006 / Barasat Showroom: Champadali More, Barasat35/1 Jessore Road, Kolkata 700124


Our Story

Founded by our beloved late Ramesh Chandra Sen and his son late Debabrata Sen in the auspicious day of 19th May 1977, Sen Jewellers & Co.The renowned gems & jewels merchant establishment crossed 40 years of uncounted golden moments of it’s existence with its precious clientele throughout West Bengal has reached such a position where the expansion of its self has become inevitable.

Sri Deepjyoti was the first who joined our establishment as astrologer and he is still with us. A few of the renowned personalities in the world of astrology were also with us.

  • Bastabananda

  • Barahamihir

  • Samarendra Das

  • Ramendrasundar Deshmukh

  • Parasharik

  • Daibigna

Our Sales Department was maintained by late Sanjay Dey & now by Subrata Dutta. Our Gold Department is maintained by Ms. Subhameeta Das and Prahlad Dutta.

In its 39 years of glorious journey, it has seen many new faces in and around thriving with life & love of precious gems & jewels. Young & budding professional in his field, Mr. Satyabrata Sen is now taking care of the business house and with his enthusiasm, dedication & love for the entity named Sen Jewellers & Co., taking itself to a new high – to achieve a new goal – even his proud ancestors may not have thought possible in their golden days.

আমাদের এই রত্নের দোকান ১৯শে মে ১৯৭৭ সনে প্রয়াত ঁরমেশচন্দ্র সেন ও তার সুযোগ্য পুত্র ঁদেবব্রত সেন ১৩২ নং অরবিন্দ সরণী, কলিকাতা – ৭০০ ০০৬ এই ঠিকানায় শুরু করেন। বর্তমানে এই দোকান শ্রী সত্যব্রত সেনের তত্বাবধানে চলছে।

এই দোকানের প্রথম জ্যোতিষী হিসাবে যোগদান করেন শ্রীদীপজ্যোতি এবং এখনও তিনি এই কার্য্য করে চলেছেন। এছাড়া স্বনামধন্য জ্যোতিষ যারা আমাদের ছেড়ে চলে গেছেন –

  • বাস্তবানন্দ

  • বরাহমিহির

  • সমরেন্দ্র দাস

  • রামেন্দ্রসুন্দর দেশমুখ

  • পরাশরিক

  • দৈবজ্ঞ

এই দোকানের বিক্রয় বিভাগের দায়িত্বে ছিলেন ঁসঞ্জয় দে এবং সুব্রত দত্ত এই বিভাগ সামলাচ্ছেন। এছাড়াও আমাদের স্বর্ন বিভাগও আছে। দায়িত্বে আছেন শ্রীমতী সুভমীতা দাস এবং প্রল্লাদ দত্ত।

Meet The Cosmic Experts

Pt. Deep Jyoti

Famous astrologer in Kolkata Pt. Deep Jyoti is the name that is gloriously shining having the trust of the masses. Pt. Deep Jyoti is a Senior Astro Consultant having 50 Years of experience in the field. All his benefited people, consign their trust in him. 


Pt. Debanjan

Pt. Debanjan is an expert in cases related to marriage, education and any type of legal problems. He offers services including astrological consultation, horoscope reading,  Palmistry and numerology as well as correct usage of gems for luck and health.

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Pt. Lakshman ch. Jyotisharnab

Pt. Lakshman Babu is reckoned among the top astrologers in Kolkata. With over a decade in the field of astrology, he has won national and international accolades for his talent.


Dr. Harajit Nandy

Dr. Harajit Nandy is a highly reputed and experienced astrologer in Kolkata. He has been in this field for more than 30 years and has received many accolades for his consultation.

Pt. Jitesh Chakraborty

Pt. Jitesh Chakraborty is a well-known Astro palmist and consultant in Kolkata. He has over two decades of experience in astrology, having started his career in 1982.  Any problems regarding career, love and marriage, health can be brought to him.

Pt. Debasish 

Book a personal interaction session with this astrologer who has been giving his treasured perceptions to his clientele for over 30 Years. The expert has received glowing reviews based on the customer base from countries across the globe.

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Ranita Shastri

 Ranita Shastri is yet another famous  astrologer in Kolkata. She also has an expertise in psychiatry, counselling and future telling.

Practicing more than 20 years.

Specialised in Pre Marriage matching & solutions.

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Pt. Shubrata 

Son of the famous Astrologer Pt. Lakshman Ch. Jyotisharnab ,

Shubrata Shastri has earned a name among the renowned astrologist in Kolkata.

44 Years of  pure Legacy

Why Us?

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Gold Jewelry


Founded by our beloved late Ramesh Chandra Sen and his son late Debabrata Sen in the auspicious day of 19th May 1977, Sen Jewellers & Co. – the renowned gems & jewels merchant establishment crossed 40 years of uncounted...........

What are Gemstones?


Gemstones are basically rocks or minerals that are cut and polished to enhance their natural beauty. They are of various colors and shapes. Human kind has always been fascinated by gemstones and their beauty. Today, gemstones are used for astronomical as well as ornamental purposes. The beautiful cut, shine, and shapes attract a lot of people from all over the world.

What is the History of Gemstones?

Gemstones are basically mineral crystals which have dazzling brilliance and unique shape. They were found and unearthed many centuries ago and ever since that time, they have maintained their position in the hearts of human beings. It is believed that gemstones possess healing powers. In ancient times, Kings and Queens used to wear them as talismans and amulets that helped in protecting them from ghosts and evil. During those times, gemstones were used only by the rich and royal class.
There are many types of gemstones available today. They are characterized as precious or semiprecious, organic or inorganic and natural or synthetic. Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are classified as Precious stones and all other gemstones are called semi precious stones. This classification was made during ancient times based on the rarity and quality of the gemstones.

Why should you wear Gemstones?


There are many reasons why you should wear gemstones. Traditionally, they are believed to remove all the negative energies attached to any zodiac sign. There are different gemstones for all zodiac signs, so you can benefit a lot by wearing a gemstone of your zodiac sign. Opal, yellow sapphire, emerald, ruby, red coral etc are the names of a few gemstones which are said to possess great powers. It is said that they transfer energies to people by body contact and cures many diseases. It is also said that they are bring good luck with them. So if you are having problems such as marriage conflicts, promotion issues or health issues, you can wear a gemstone, and who knows, your luck may take a U-turn and things may start falling into place!


Pink Stone

Abhishek, Kolkata

" Sen Jewellers  is one of the best places to explore any type of 100% natural gemstones. I bought my cats' eye birthstones from there. And believe me, it is 100% pure and authentic with govt certification. Staff and owner both are very supportive and will guide you to choose the best gems as per your budget and Rashi. "

Abhishek  (Businessman)

Ritu, Kolkata

" Something for everyone, from low to medium then high, I needed top quality sapphire, they showed me a nice collection of clean sapphires. prompt, honest and reliable is a word. "

Ritu (Business entrepreneur)

Subhajeet, Kolkata

" I have never known as much about red coral as I got to know from them during my visit. it was simply amazing and probably they have the widest collection I have seen. maybe next time I will buy even a better one. I am carrying with me a lot of good information with my pearl ring. Prices, quality is good. I strongly recommend this shop for gemstones. "

Subhajeet (Service)

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